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stainless valve ball corrosion resistant titanium value balls, for light weight applications

United States Ball Corp. manufactures a wide variety of valve balls out of many different materials including stainless steel and titanium, and steel. Valve balls are used in high pressure or critical applications sometimes referred to as "zero leak." Many of the end applications that our valve balls are used in are in Navy, Air Force, Aerospace and Medical applications. Our precision industrial valve balls are placed in applications were the valve must SEAL for function.

Valve Balls Characteristics

Two of the most important characteristics of the high pressure valve balls are the roundness and the surface finish. The roundness, often referred to as the sphereicity, must be controlled especially in the critical sealing area. The second characteristic is the surface finish. We are able to manufacture valve balls with extremely high roundness and high surface finish tolerances.

We manufacture valve balls from a wide variety of materials depending on the application.

Valve Ball Materials

Other Valve Ball materials such as:

Valve Ball Manufacturing Configurations-Trunions, Slots, Splines

US Ball can manufacture valve balls in every configuration or modified balls or specification that you can design. Valve balls with trunions, valve balls with slots, valve balls with splines, and others. Please call for assistance in your application.

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