Modified Balls

Steel and Metal Balls

At United States Ball Corp. we can modify your steel and metal balls to any configuration. When we speak of a modified balls, we are talking about taking a perfectly good ball and either cutting it, grinding it, putting a hole in it, threading it, tapping it or all of the above.

Some of the more standard modifications may be for Valve Balls, Gages, Spherical Balls Bearings,
and Ball Joints.

- Custom metal balls modified with holes and keyways
- Modify with drilled and tapped metal balls
- Custom metal balls with flats and threads
- Custom modified metal balls with stems
- Hallow Balls, reduce weight or flotation
- Lapping, finishing and grinding

We can manufacture and modify balls with a flat, put a stem in a ball, put a thread in a ball or a threaded stem on the outside of the ball, we can put a round or square hole thru a ball.

We are able to alter the precision ball in order to fit your specific your modified application. Most important we can give you the close tolerances that are needed AFTER the ball has been modified. We are able to hold tolerances better than .000005" and surface finishes better than 1 micro inch.

Serving manufacturing industry of Aerospace-Medical-Electronic-Semi Conductor-Automotive-Marine Industrial Markets and more.

Manufacturer of balls including gage balls, valve balls & modified balls with a grade from 3 to 1000, deviation from spherical form from .000003 to .001 in., surface roughness arithmetical average from .5 to 8.0 micro-in. & basic diameter. Tolerance of plus or minus .000030 to .005 in. Materials include alloy steels, stainless steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, cobalt, iron, nickel alloys, tin-lead, titanium alloys, tungsten carbide, ceramic balls, glass balls, rubber balls & a wide range of other plastic & metal materials. Spherical grinding & lapping services.

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