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Precision Metal Ball Manufacturer Since 1996 United States Ball Corp. - Your One-Stop Precision Spherical Metal Ball Specialists. We provide a complete facility where you can find all of your ball and ball-product requirements. If it is spherical, we can help.

United States Ball Corp. is primarily a precision ball manufacturing plant where we utilize all materials including:

We manufacture balls as small as .005 inches and as large as 12 inches in diameter. We carry a large inventory of balls ready to sell from stock. We are service oriented and provide a facility that allows a customers to purchase a small quantity of balls as well as large quantities.

We drill and tap balls including balls with holes through them, balls with blind holes, balls which are used for jewelry, protective ends, decoration, and contact elements.

We manufacture gages including weight standards, ball gages, go/no-go gages, and spherical masters.

We also create precision valve balls. Our valve balls have superior surface finishes and roundness characteristics.

Additionally, we provide spherical grinding and lapping services. We lap balls, partial spheres and spherical seats. We have equipment to perform on-line leak tests, and to inspect the roundness and surface finish of spherical surfaces. Our ball manufacturing capabilities allow us to construct gaging as required to meet specific needs and circumstances.

We will custom manufacture precision metal and plastic ball products to meet your needs. Our great flexibility allow us to be competitive in small prototype runs as well as large production runs. We provide engineering services and we can aid in the design of your products.

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